Artist statement

I began exploring abstract photography in 1995 with the "Windows of Light" series printed on Cibachrome. Five more series followed which led me to rethink my approach to abstract photography in a different format and a new finish. The result is my new series "Abstract Atlas of the World", a suite of visual sensations and sensory landscapes that are based on my understanding or misunderstanding of the world. It is the expression of my unique feelings about shapes and colors around us. My images are never modified in Photoshop and each represents something real that existed at least optically. I often draw from my training in film and visual effects, using filters and multiple exposures to create them.
These images are like open windows designed to capture the invisible of my emotions and my feelings of wanderer. It is also a reflection of my dream of a world without borders where people move freely and free of the clichés associated with nationalities.
The large format, inspired by Cinemascope, is designed to enhance the photographic immersion.
Colors and shapes are a separate, universal language and my work has been influenced by artists such as Turner, Olitski, Rothko or Chu Teh Chun.